Suit Filed Over Bus Accident in Ohio

Suit Filed Over Bus Accident in Ohio

The city school board and a bus driver in Youngstown, Ohio were recently sued by two North Side residents.

The suit claims that the plaintiffs were injured in a bus accident and they hold the driver of the bus and school board to be responsible.

School Bus Accident Details

According to the suit, Otha Page was driving her car northbound with passenger Latisha Crum when the accident occurred.

The women were hit by the school bus, which was driven by Gladys Townsend, 68, who was traveling westbound.

The bus was reportedly carrying five Harding Elementary preschool children, but no injuries have been reported.

Traffic Light to Blame?

Police are speculating that the traffic light was malfunctioning when the accident occurred and the suit claims that city officials received a complaint about the light just a day before the crash.

Page and Crum are reportedly seeking damages in excess of $25,000 in compensation for their injuries and mental anguish.

(Source: Vindy News)

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