Woman Sues for $1.2M in Sexual Harassment Case

Woman Sues for $1.2M in Sexual Harassment Case

A California woman who was spanked and otherwise humiliated by her former employer at Anaheim-based home security company Alarm One Inc. has asked a jury for $1.2 million in damages in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  

Defendants claim that the acts in question were part of a camaraderie-building event.

At this event, employees were paddled with the yard signs as part of a competition between sales teams.  The losing teams were fed baby food, made to wear diapers, and got pies thrown at them by the winning team.  Spanking was also part of this supposed team building exercise.  

For 53-year-old Janet Orlando, and arguably many like her, this type of activity was unacceptable and emotionally damaging.  “No reasonable middle-aged woman would want to be put up there before a group of young men, turned around to show her buttocks, get spanked, and called abusive names, and told it was to increase sales and motivate employees,” Orlando contends.  

Lawyers for Alarm One claim that the incident was not discriminatory because these acts were performed on both male and female workers.  

According to court records Alarm One stopped this practice one year after Orlando filed suit and another employee claimed injuries as a result of this questionable activity.  

Orlando is seeking $1.2 million claiming she suffered discrimination, assault, battery, and emotional distress.  

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