$15M Settlement Reached in Brain Injury Suit

$15M Settlement Reached in Brain Injury Suit

A settlement was recently reached in the suit filed against the City of Hanford, CA, for the brain injuries inflicted on a boy after a biking accident.

The parents of the boy filed the suit on his behalf claiming that the accident was caused by inadequate roadways in the city.

Boy Involved in Biking Accident

Christopher Chan, 14, was reportedly riding his bike on the street when he was suddenly hit by a car.

The accident occurred at the intersection of 11th Avenue and Pepper Drive in Hanford.

Lawsuit Filed

Shortly after the accident, Christopher’s parents filed a lawsuit against the city claiming that the intersection was hazardous to children coming to and from school.

According to court documents, the intersection has no effective controls, crossing guard or signs to warn drivers.

The Chan’s say the city knew of the dangerous conditions of this particular intersection but did nothing to correct it.

Child Living with Brain Injuries

As a result of the accident, Christopher, who was once a vibrant and intelligent eight-grader, now suffers from severe brain injuries.

He reportedly has no short-term memory, has the verbal ability of a six-year-old and needs an assistant to help him with his daily needs.

The City of Hanford agreed to pay $15 million to the Chan’s in order to cover past and future medical costs and therapy.

(Source: Business Wire)

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