DUI Arrest Prompts Suit

DUI Arrest Prompts Suit

A man living in Daytona Beach, CA, has filed a suit against the city of Oak Hill for his alleged false arrest.

The suit is seeking $100,000 and blames an Oak Hill police officer for the false arrest.

Plaintiff Arrested and Accused

James A. Garrow, 52, was reportedly falsely arrested in February for supposedly driving under the influence.

The officer who charged him with the DUI was Shane Chandler.

According to Garrow’s attorney, Jon E. Benezette, Garrow passed the Breathalyzer test he was given at the time of his arrest.

The suit also claims that Garrow even volunteered for a urine sample to be taken.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Man Seeks Compensation

Garrow was taken to the Oak Hill Police Department by Chandler before he was transferred to the Volusia County Branch Jail.

The suit claims that he was forced to remain at the jail for several hours before being released.

Garrow is seeking compensation for “severe humiliation and embarrassment” along with the “emotional torment he endured for having been imprisoned.”

(Source: East Volusia News)

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