$3.1M Settlement in Fatal Accident Suit

$3.1M Settlement in Fatal Accident Suit

A family from Victorville, California, finally reached a settlement regarding the car accident suit they filed nearly seven years ago.

The family, who lost two of their loved ones in the fatal crash, is set to receive $3.1 million in what has been a long battle.

Brothers Killed in Tragic Accident

Viktor Tushkov, 46, and his brother Nikolay Tushkov, 41, were on their way to a plumbing job in Lancaster minutes before the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, when a tragedy of their own happened.

The brothers’ car reportedly crashed into a flat-bed truck at an intersection on State Route 18 and both men were instantly killed.

According to reports, the men were crossing the intersection when they collided with the truck.

Family Files Suit and Refuses to Take Blame

Originally, police thought Viktor, who was driving at the time of the accident, was at fault.

However, the family refused to believe this was the case and embarked on a seven year quest to prove their loved ones were innocent.

The family filed a suit against the state claiming the intersection where the crash occurred was dangerous and vegetation was blocking Viktor’s view at the time.

After a four week trial, which ended last week, a jury sided with the Tushkov’s and awarded them $3.1 million.

“The state is responsible for maintaining sight distance,” explains the family’s attorney, Tim Carey.

(Source: Daily Press)

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