Suit Filed After Fatal Train Crash

Suit Filed After Fatal Train Crash

The family of a man and his niece who were recently killed in a california train accident recently filed a suit on their behalf.

The suit has been filed against Metrolink and the City of Covina in regards to the accident, which occurred on Father’s Day in 2007.

Car Struck by Train

Earl Brown, 51, and his niece, Raeven Smith, 10, were reportedly killed when a Metrolink train hit their car on their way from a church service in Pasadena.

Brown’s daughter, Christina, also in the car at the time of the accident and was hospitalized in critical condition.

“We’re taking it pretty hard, but we’re getting through it,” says Christina, 13, who is still in recovery.

Lawsuit Filed

The family of the victim’s took action and filed a lawsuit against Metrolink, Los Angeles County, and Caltrans.

The suit claims the defendants received warnings about the dangerous conditions of the crossing where the accident occurred but failed to make any improvements.

According to local residents, the railroad crossing constantly malfunctions and the arms don’t come down warning of a train coming, which was assumed to be the case the fateful day of the accident.

(Source: Whittier Daily News)

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