Woman Injured in Sidewalk Fall

Woman Injured in Sidewalk Fall

A woman living in Gilroy, California, was recently injured when she slipped on the sidewalk outside of her home.

The woman was on her way to a festival in town when she tripped on the uneven sidewalk and her face grated against the ground.

Fall Accounts for Injuries

Tammy Vickroy says her back still hurts and the cuts and bruises are just now beginning to heal after the incident.

“I took a few steps, and the next thing I knew, I hit hard on the cement with my head,” says Vickroy. “I was dazed for a while…it was traumatic.”

Immediately after the fall, Vickroy sent pictures of her face, which was cut and bleeding, to the city council.

Since the slip and fall accident, she has become a spokeswoman for the ongoing fight regarding the condition of the sidewalks in Gilroy.

Legal Action Might be Taken

The roots crack in the sidewalks are said to “invite accidents” according to many residents in the town.

Vickroy and her neighbor, Ellen McIntosh, are considering taking legal action if the city council doesn’t agree to fix the sidewalk at an upcoming meeting.

“This is sickening,” stated Councilman Bob Dillon after seeing the injuries Vickroy endured after the fall.

(Source: The Gilroy Dispatch)

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