California Man Files Product Liability Suit

California Man Files Product Liability Suit

A Watsonville, California man filed a product liability suit against Taser International, claiming he suffered brain damage after being tased by police officers.

According to the lawsuit, Steve Butler, who was heavily intoxicated, stumbled onto a bus two years ago. The bus driver, who did not want to endanger the other passengers, called the police and asked them to escort Butler off the bus.
Police Had to Use Force against Intoxicated Man

When the police arrived at the scene, they approached Butler, however he would not cooperate. A short time later, a scuffle broke out and the officers said they had to use force against the extremely intoxicated man because they were uncertain whether he was carrying a weapon.

One of the officers tased Butler three times before he fell to the floor. After the third tase, however, his heart stopped. The paramedics were called to the scene immediately. According to reports, it took them five attempts with the defibrillator machine before his heart started beating again. During the incident, Butler suffered trauma to his brain.

Injured Man Files Products Liability Suit

Butler, who now has to have 24-hour care, filed a products liability suit against Taser International, alleging that the company falsely marketed the Taser gun as a safe product. Butler said he considered filing a personal injury suit against the officers, but after giving it thought, he came to the conclusion that Taser International is liable for his injury.

In response, the company is maintains that the Taser does not cause cardiac arrest, when in fact, that is what happened to Butler.

Victim Has a Freckled Past

Although reports do indicate that he was not carrying a weapon at the time of the incident, Butler does have a history of violence. His criminal record includes:

  • DUI arrests
  • Resisting arrest
  • Battery to a police officer
  • Armed robbery

Family Members Support Butler in his Suit

According to reports, Butler’s family is standing behind him in the lawsuit. They say they are hopeful that the lawsuit will encourage the company to include a black-box warning on Tasers.

(Source: Good Times) 

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