TXI International Sued for Exposing Community

TXI International Sued for Exposing Community

A lawsuit was recently filed against a cement company in Riverside, CA, for allegedly exposing the community to hazardous chemicals that could cause birth defects and other health complications.

The suit has been filed by Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. and District Attorney Rod Pacheo.

Community Put at Risk

According to reports, the suit was filed against TXI International because they were knowingly exposing people to a potent carcinogen.

The carcinogen putting the community at risk is hexavalent chromium and the company was reportedly not providing any warning to local residents.

“Dust, which contained elevated cancer-causing hexavalent chromium, escaped into the air in violation of state law,” explained Attorney General Brown.

Birth Defects Could Result

Under Proposition 65, which is the state’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, California citizens are required to be protected from chemicals known to cause cancer.

Citizens are also required to be warned about certain areas within the community where there are heightened risks of birth defects or could cause other reproductive harm.

“California is suing the company to get them to stop their practices which cause chromium exposure,” says Brown.

The exposure supposedly occurred when the company uncovered piles of dust and allowed them to remain on the property without issuing any warning or properly disposing of the chemicals.

(Source: California Chronicle)

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