Cancer Misdiagnosis Victim Awarded $3M in Damages

Cancer Misdiagnosis Victim Awarded $3M in Damages

A Pennsylvania woman who needlessly underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy because of a cancer misdiagnosis was awarded $3 million in damages early last week.

Michelle Kachurak was 30 when she began the first round of chemotherapy in 2000. She had been wrongly diagnosed with cancer after a blood test showed high levels of a hormone present in pregnant women and certain cancer patients.

According to the complaint, Kachurak requested a urine test to confirm the results. That test showed negative results, indicating that she did not have cancer. However, those results were overlooked and the chemotherapy continued.

The two specialists who treated Kachurak were accused of failing to recognize that she did not have cancer in her uterine wall but that her blood actually carries a protein that caused her to register a false positive on the initial test.

Jurors found the two doctors each 50 percent responsible for Kachurak’s damages.

“Nothing could make me want to go through that again. No amount of money,” Kachurak said.

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