City Commission Candidate Sues Rival for Slander

City Commission Candidate Sues Rival for Slander

A man running for city commission has filed a lawsuit against a city official and one of his opponents claiming slander and defamation.

The suit claims that James DePelisi “lost trade and favor in the Jewish community” because of the comments made by his opponent Roger Wishner and Commissioner Sheila Alu.

The Suit

According to the lawsuit the rhetoric of the two defendants in the middle of the campaign was “calculated, irresponsible, false and malicious.”

The suit claims that Wishner and Alu “maliciously sought and caused the publication of” defamatory statements in news media outlets. The comments “falsely label [him] as anti-Semitic and/or anti-Jewish in a heavily Jewish Community.”

“They are engaging in politics of personal destruction,” said DePelisi Tuesday, adding that his wife is Jewish.

The Slander

The lawsuit was prompted by comments made by Alu and Wishner in response to a letter DePelisi sent out to 1,200 fellow members of the All Saints Catholic Church. The letter asked them to vote for “one of our own.”

Both of his opponents in that election race were Jewish.

Wishner depicted the letter as “anti-Jewish” rhetoric, while Alu said it was “anti-Semitic” in the Feb. 14 issue of South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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