$1.6M Settlement Reached in Car Accident Suit

$1.6M Settlement Reached in Car Accident Suit

A jury in San Luis Obispo, CA recently awarded $1.6 million to a woman living in Grover Beach in a car accident suit.

The suit was filed after the woman was supposedly severely injured in a car crash in 2006.

Car Accident Disables Plaintiff

Laura Estrada, 21, was severely injured when 16-year-old Rita Marie Goehner suddenly veered in front of her vehicle.

Goehner was killed in the accident and Estrada was left with a severely fractured and dislocated ankle.

“Estrada was treated for her injuries but still needs medical care,” said Goehner’s attorney, Tana Coates.

Lawsuit Settlement Favors Estrada

Estrada was reportedly awarded in the settlement due to the fact that she is permanently disabled from the accident.

The suit is seeking compensation for past and future medical expenses as well as for economic damages.

“I think it shows (the jury) really believed…Laura was entitled to be compensated for having to live the rest of her life with this severely disabled ankle,” stated Coates.

(Source: San Luis Obispo)

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