Man Awarded $32.5 Million for Car Collision Injuries

Man Awarded $32.5 Million for Car Collision Injuries

Mark Force, a 38-year-old man from Florida, was recently awarded $32.5 for the brain injuries he suffered in a 1996 collision while driving his Ford Escort.

The Accident

Mark Force, who was 27 at the time of his accident, was driving down a two-lane highway when an oncoming car struck him head on. The motorized shoulder belt and a manual lap belt, both failed to prevent Force from being thrown forward.

Force endured severe brain damage and doctors were forced to remove 20% of his brain. Since the collision, he has been in and out of brain-injury facilities and will require long term care for the rest of his life.

The Trial

Ben Hogan, who represented Force and his family, blamed Ford Motor Co. for the fact that the seatbelt did not “lock up” as it should have to prevent Force’s injuries.

“In the United States, Ford had 45 complaints before Mark Force’s case about the belt not locking up in crashes,” says Hogan.“ They had five years of warning to do something about this on Ford Escorts and Mercury Tracers but did nothing about it.”

Ending Victory

After a third trial in this long disputed case, the jury ruled that a restraint defect was to blame for the injuries and that Ford Motor Co. and Mazda Motor Corp., which designed the seat-belt system, were negligent for failing to warn their customers about the seat-belt defect.

The verdict awarded Force’s father and guardian, Francis Force, $7.3 million for future medical care and $22 million for the pain and suffering he and his son have endured.


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