CD Software Lawsuits Open Doors for Further Consumer Legal Action

CD Software Lawsuits Open Doors for Further Consumer Legal Action

A San Francisco based consumer group and the Texas attorney general both have filed lawsuits against Sony BMG Music Entertainment.  Sony’s new CDs have additional software, which installs itself on user’s computers and sends valuable and private information to Sony, and opens up the user’s computer to potential viruses, hijackings, and other personal information not previously accessible. 

The lawsuits open the door to consumers who may also seek lawsuits and other monetary damages from Sony music because of their products.

At least 24 million CDs have been made and distributed that contain the new software, which cannot be erased by the user, even after the CD is removed from the computer.  The software included information about the number of times the user played the CD and relayed that information back to Sony.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said that the lawsuit seeks to expose Sony’s invasive practices and sue the company for installing spyware on people’s computers with out their knowledge.  Texas law is tough on spyware installation and the state is actively pursuing the case.

The San Francisco based group Electronic Frontier Foundation said they filed their suit after negotiations with Sony broke down.  Their particular lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, wants Sony to give consumers refunds rather than exchanges, undergo a marketing campaign informing consumers of the software, rewrite its licensing agreements which currently do not have information on the software, and allow consumers to erase the software from their computers.

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