Cheerleader Files Suit for Sexual Harassment

Cheerleader Files Suit for Sexual Harassment

A former Marshall University cheerleader filed a personal injury lawsuit last week alleging she was subjected to sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination from the male cheerleaders on the team.

The cheerleader, identified as K.C. in the lawsuit, claims that the abuse and harassment including inappropriate groping and sexual slurs, occurred regularly during practices.

The suit names the university's cheerleading coach, the Board of Governors, and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy.

According to the lawsuit, the male cheerleaders on the team were constantly “exposing their genitalia” and threatening “female members with violence and physical harm, such as dropping them during routines.”

The plaintiff claims that the cheerleading coach and other staff witnessed the inappropriate behavior, but failed to intervene.

Plaintiff attorney Mary Downey claims the sexual harassment and abuse from the male cheerleaders directly caused the plaintiff to suffer from “severe emotional distress.” The suit alleges that K.C. “will continue to need psychological and medical care as a direct result of her treatment by defendants.”

The suit seeks monetary compensation for the plaintiff's losses and suffering including compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees.

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