Parents To File Lawsuit Over Daughter's Hazing

Parents To File Lawsuit Over Daughter's Hazing

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The parents of a Mission Hills High School cheerleader are threatening to file a lawsuit against the school district, claiming that the school district should be held responsible for the cheerleader hazing that their daughter suffered.

Maria Bagai, the mother of freshman cheerleader, said her daughter suffered emotional abuse during a varsity cheerleading camp held at UCLA in late July. Her daughter was forced to wear a dog collar while a varsity cheerleader walked her with a leash, she said.

According to her claim, the incident constituted a form of hazing because it involved mental harm and public humiliation. Bagai believes that the district should conduct an investigation of the incident and also determine whether this is an isolated incident.

“Any allegation of staff or student misconduct will be taken seriously, and we will act accordingly,” said Brad Lichtman, principal of Mission Hills High School.

Bagai thinks the school needs to educate students about hazing and its effects and consequences. Hazing is a subversive but popular practice. It is also illegal.

The parents said they will seek punitive damages for their daughter’s emotional abuse. 

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