Patient Files Medical Negligence Suit

Patient Files Medical Negligence Suit

A woman filed a medical negligence lawsuit against a Chicago surgeon who allegedly implanted an experimental heart device during surgery without her consent. Toni Vlahoulis, 41, claims defendant Dr. Patrick McCarthy did not discuss the device with her prior to surgery.

Lawsuit Claims the Device Was Experimental

According to Vlahoulis, McCarthy surgically implanted the device in her chest as part of a test. Vlahoulis had to undergo a second surgery to remove the device after having a bad reaction. She may now require additional surgery.

Patient Alleges Doctor Was Tied Too Close to the Device

The lawsuit also claims that McCarthy may have used the device because of his direct tie with the manufacturer. McCarthy apparently is a consultant for the manufacturer and receives royalties for using the devices he developed. 

Case Raises Ethical Questions

This case raised an ethical question, which has been a topic of discussion among Associated Press members and members of the medical community who are arguing that all surgeons should be required to notify patients is they are planning to a device in which they will receive money for. 

According to the lawsuit, had Vlahoulis known of the situation prior to her surgery, she would have denied the use of the device.  

Vlahoulis is seeking $50,000 in compensation for her injuries. 

(Source: News Inferno) 

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Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

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