City of Chicago Blamed in Midway Crash

City of Chicago Blamed in Midway Crash

The city of Chicago and Southwest Airlines may both be to blame for the recent crash of a Southwest Airlines plane that overran the runway at Midway Airport and hit a car, killing a 6-year-old boy.

Gunnar Kuepper, chief of operations at Emergency & Disaster Management Inc., a consultancy company that aids in emergency planning situations, said the crash did not have to happen.  Kuepper also stated that people were lucky the situation was not worse because fuel tanks on the plane could have caught fire and caused much more extensive damage than it did.  

Studies have been done by the federal government on Midway airport which showed that the city of Chicago should have addresses runway length, airport barrier, and other important issues that were never follow-up on. 

Chicago is currently working on plans to meet the FAA deadline of 2015 to improve their runway safety areas at all airports in the city.  Critics of the crash said that because of the history of runway length and barrier safety, the city of Chicago and airlines that used the runways should have taken measures much quicker than they had.  Similar or worse accidents can be avoided if the actions are taken, according to the report.

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