Teacher Sues School District for Personal Injury

Teacher Sues School District for Personal Injury

A teacher from Chicago has filed a lawsuit against the school district she works in claiming she was seriously injured because they failed to expel a student.

The woman claims schools administrators chose to allow the student to remain at the school despite his violent tendencies towards her.

Aggressive Student Targets Teacher

Paul Jackson, who teaches special education at White Eagle Elementary School, filed the suit against the Indian Prairie School District.

Jackson says she was severely injured by an incident involving the student.

The plaintiff claims the school ignored the 150 incidents of violence she recorded regarding the boy’s violence and aggression towards her, other teachers and other students.

Lawsuit Allegations

According to Jackson, the student, who is in fourth grade, threw a book at one of his teachers and when she entered the room he raised a chair over his head and struck her with it.

The student reportedly then shoved Jackson and she stumbled back and hit her head on the whiteboard in the room.

The teacher is seeking unspecified damages in the suit and claims the school district should have expelled the child long ago to prevent such injuries.

(Source: Suburban Chicago News)

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