Father Files Suit for Child's Abuse

Father Files Suit for Child's Abuse

A suit was recently filed against a welfare service for the alleged child abuse of a boy by his young mother and her boyfriend.

The suit was filed by the child's father and grandmother and is set to go to trial later this month.

Father and Grandmother Discover Abuse

Fabiean Castillo, 19, and his mother, Martina Castillo, are accusing Amanda Broyles, 19, and her juvenile boyfriend of repeatedly abusing Fabiean and Amanda’s child.

Fabiean Castillo says he first notified the Tulare County Child Welfare Service of the suspected abuse in February 2006.

However, later in the month, after the boy’s bruises and bite marks had healed, he was supposedly returned to the Broyles.

Co-defendant and county social worker, Robert Bufanda, reportedly gave the young mother custody of the child again.

Boy Hospitalized

According to the suit, the boy was admitted only seven weeks after the initial findings of abuse for multiple bruising on his face, chest and collarbone.

Reports show that the boy was also suffering from a ruptured lung, lacerated spleen and right kidney laceration.

(Source: Visalia Times-Delta)

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