Chinatown Buses Scrutinized in Aftermath of Deadly Crash

Chinatown Buses Scrutinized in Aftermath of Deadly Crash

Chinese charter bus companies in New York City face lawsuits and scrutiny after one bus accident, kills two people and injures the other 32 on board.

OK Travel Bus Inc., serves as one of the main immigrant transportation systems along the east coast giving Chinese workers who don’t speak English well, a cost efficient way to travel.

Midmorning Accident

After a New York bound bus crashed at 3:20 am on May 20, the bus industry has been encouraged by state officials to revise their safety guidelines.

The accident, which has been called the most serious Chinatown bus accident to date, killed two passengers and left 32 others with shattered bones and brain injuries.

Most of the passengers were sleeping and not wearing their seatbelts when bus driver Lin Chen, who was reportedly speeding at 80 to 90 miles per hour, crashed along the side of the highway allegedly due to faulty brakes.

Suits Filed

Two attorneys from New York, Allan Tai and David Sobiloff have filed suit against the Pennsylvania-registered OK Travel Bus Inc., and Chen, who witness’s say was speeding and fatigued when the crash occurred.

Another attorney, John S. Yong is representing eight other passengers and is suing the bus company for medical bill compensation and the “non-provision of seat belts and faulty parts of the vehicle.”

“Many clients of mine are not able to work due to their severe injuries and they have to go through many surgeries and therapies,” says Yong. He goes on to say, “ these are innocent people who woke up on the highway in the middle of the night and found their American dreams shattered.”


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