Family Awarded $22.6M in Birth Injury Suit

Family Awarded $22.6M in Birth Injury Suit

A family from Cincinnati was recently awarded $22.6 million in a medical malpractice suit involving the birth defects of their child.

The jury found the doctor and Group Health Associates were negligent during the birth of the child, which resulted in her being born with life altering birth defects.

Delivery Goes Wrong

Heather Grow was pregnant with her first child when doctors informed her that she had a narrow pelvic arch.

“The child got stuck. It was clear that she was pushed through an opening that couldn’t fit,” explained the attorney for Grow, Patrick P.J. Beirne.

In addition to being a larger baby, the baby’s injuries were reportedly caused by the medical workers on duty.

Medical Worker Errors

According to reports, Dr. Lisa Yang and her colleagues continued to administer drugs to Grow in hopes that the uterus would contract and the baby would be expelled.

However, the additional medications resulted in the baby’s head getting stuck and being born with brain damage.

Settlement Reached

Grow was reportedly in labor for more than 14 hours before the baby was born by Caesarian section.
Cassie Grow, 11, is now a spastic quadriplegic and has limited use of her limbs.

The settlement money will go towards future medical bills, pain and suffering and the little girl’s future loss of ability to perform usual activities.

(Source: Enquirer)

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