Rampaging Pit Bull Terrorizes Cincinnati

Rampaging Pit Bull Terrorizes Cincinnati

The owner of a pit bull that was responsible for several injuries over a short period of time may be held for criminal charges and may face other charges against him stemming from his dog’s attack on several people in Cincinnati, OH this past Tuesday.

Five people were attacked by the pit bull, including two children.  Ashley Burns, 12, suffered serious gashes and bites on her legs.

The same dog was also involved in an attack on a homeless woman a few days earlier.  The woman had to be rushed to a nearby emergency room for her injuries.

Several area drug dealers keep pit bulls for protection, neighbors reported.  The owner of the pit bull in the attack was purportedly encouraging his dog to attack one of the victims.  The city of Cincinnati has laws banning ownership of vicious dogs such as pit bulls.  The owner will face serious charges once he is identified and found.

Officers and neighbors, who had to climb on top of cars to escape injury, eventually captured the pit bull.  Cincinnati police Lt. Kurt Byrd reported that officers used chemical agents and Tasers to finally subdue the pit bull.  The dog will be tested for rabies over the next 10 days and then put to sleep.

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