Family Sues City for Worker’s Explosion Death

Family Sues City for Worker’s Explosion Death

The family of a man who was killed in an explosion at a wastewater treatment plant in Daytona Beach, Florida has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city for $5 million in damages, attorneys said.

According to the suit, forty-year-old Clyde Jones and his co-workers at the plant were not adequately trained to work around toxic chemicals and proper safety measures weren’t taken to avoid accidents.

In January 2006, Jones and another worker died in a blast at the Bethune Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. A third employee survived, but suffered serious burns.

Plaintiff lawyer Chobee Ebbets alleges the city should be held liable for the loss of Jones’ death because of its negligence in properly training plant workers. The lawsuit seeks damages for Jones’ future earnings, medical and funeral costs, and the mental pain and anguish suffered by his family.

“No care was afforded here,” Ebbets said. “It was a senseless death.”

The accident is currently being investigated by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board in Washington, D.C.

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