Class action lawsuit against railroad firm

Class action lawsuit against railroad firm

According to a class action lawsuit filed against Union Pacific Railroad, a train operator fell asleep at five am while operating a train resulting in an enormous collision, explosion, fire, and chemical release into Texarkana, Arkansas’s residential and business areas.  The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of two small-business owners who were forced to evacuate their homes after the explosion. 

The lawsuit is intended to represent all those residents and business owners that were forced to flee and suffered damages after the train wreck.  Through the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking damages for personal injury, property loss, economic and business losses, and evacuation costs.  Local attorney, Gary Nutter, who filed this class action lawsuit, is eager to get the legal process going in this case.  “The fear impact is imprinted on the minds of the people in the neighborhood.  The explosion has also impacted the market value of the property [negatively].” 
The train operator has not been identified in the lawsuit and it has not been confirmed officially that the Union Pacific train operator did, in fact, fall asleep at the controls.  This allegation is based on “word-of-mouth in the community and media speculation.”  The class action lawsuit alleges that Union Pacific Railroad failed to properly operate its rail cars and neglected to monitor the safe operation of its rail cars. 

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into the facts surrounding the train wreck.  The lawsuit also gives the plaintiff’s attorneys the right to investigate the event.  The toxic plume caused by the train wreck triggered several explosions and raging fires which caused massive property destruction and the loss of lives.  Thousands of residents had to be evacuated as a result of this catastrophic event. 

The class action lawsuit is representing all people who have been similarly affected by this train wreck. 


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