$60M L.A. Clergy Abuse Settlement in the Works

$60M L.A. Clergy Abuse Settlement in the Works

L.A.’s Roman Catholic archdiocese may soon sign a $60 million settlement with 45 alleged clergy abuse victims, according to several attorneys.

The settlement will include those victims whose claims are not covered by the church’s insurance policy, according to Venus Soltan, attorney for two victims who would receive money in the settlement.

The settlement would give each of the 45 claimants $1.3 million if divided evenly, but it is not yet known how exactly the money will be divided.

“We are in the final stages of documentation and the settlement should be coming public within a week,” said Soltan. “It’s a very big deal because it’s the first time Los Angeles has settled any of its cases.”

An attorney for the clergy confirmed the figures and the expected time frame given by the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Tod Tamberg, archdiocese spokesman said that both sides were working hard to come to an agreement, but added that similar past negotiations for uninsured cases fell apart.

“Talks are ongoing, we’re trying to settle the uninsured cases, that’s no secret. Last month, people were saying it was going to happen within days,” Tamberg said. “I’ve seen so many stops and starts along the way and I wouldn’t hazard a guess at all.”

This would be the second largest publicly known clergy abuse settlement in California, second only to 2001’s $100 million, 90-victim settlement in Orange. It would be the fourth largest in the United States.

These 45 cases of clergy abuse will add to the more than 500 that have been filed against the L.A. archdiocese since 2003.

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