Employee Files Suit After Spinal Cord Injury

Employee Files Suit After Spinal Cord Injury

A woman recently filed a suit against her former employer after she suffered a spinal cord injury while at work.

Her injuries have supposedly left her permanently disabled.

Injury on the Job

Laura Doyle was employed with Poudra Valley Hospital for more than 10 years before she injured her spinal cord lifting a patient.

Doyle claims that it wasn’t until a week after the incident that she was enabled to meet with a doctor at the Hospital.

“I lived and breathed Poudre Valley Hospital,” says Doyle. “I worked 14-hour days, but once I was injured, nobody would listen to me.”

Suit Filed

According to the suit, the hospital failed to treat their employee justly and give her the medical attention she needed and deserved after being injured on their property.

It is reportedly PVH policy that if an employee is injured on the job, they will be treated within the system.

However, according to Doyle, she never received such treatment.

“She’s very likely to require future medical needs, surgeries and treatments,” explains her attorney, Chad Hemmat.

(Source: Coloradoan.com)

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