$500,000 Settlement Reached for School Bus Accident

$500,000 Settlement Reached for School Bus Accident

Schools in Columbus, OH, recently agreed to pay $500,000 in a settlement reached regarding the death of a young boy due to a school bus accident.

The accident occurred in January 2007 and the family of the six-year-old boy who died will receive the settlement money from the school district.

Boy Hit by School Bus

Asa Mayle was in the first grade at Maybury Elementary when he was hit while crossing the road.

Mayle had reportedly just gotten out of his grandmother’s car to catch the school bus that was to take him to school.

Family Requests Compensation from School District

According to reports, Jessica Cruz, Asa’s mother, asked the school district for $2 million but settled for less.

“I don’t want to put my family through trials and testimony,” explained Cruz.

The driver of the bus, Lolitta Leavell, was never charged for the incident and claims that she did not see Asa because he ran in front of the bus as opposed to using the crosswalk.

Cruz disputes these claims.

Family Finds Closure

The money will supposedly come from the district’s general fund, which is set up to cover most of the major expenses for the district, including salaries.

After the accident, Cruz and other mothers requested that a four-way stop be installed at the intersection to prevent such accidents from happening again.

(Source: The Columbus Dispatch)

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