Girl in Coma after Dental Work

Girl in Coma after Dental Work

A five-year-old girl from Chicago, Illinois remains in a coma after a routine dental procedure to fill two cavities and cap some teeth.

The girl, Diamond Brownridge never regained consciousness after being given a general anesthetic for the procedure. She now has organ damage, and remains in critical condition as of late Monday, according to her mother, Ommettress Travis.

“The doctors aren't saying she's brain dead, but it doesn't look good,” said Travis. “I'm just hoping and praying for my daughter. I want her to come back home.”

Travis said she took Diamond in to see Dr. Hicham K. Riba, who decided that the girl needed an operation on six teeth, including an assortment of cavity fillings and caps.

Travis brought her daughter back on Saturday for the operation. Travis waited outside the room while Diamond was sedated and operated on.

According to Travis, the dental staff first gave Diamond a drink to make her drowsy, followed by nitrous oxide gas, and an intravenous sedative. Travis said she was not warned of the risks, nor was she told how much or what types of sedatives were to be administered.

Travis said that after the procedure, she entered the office and saw her daughter lying in the dentist chair motionless.

Diamond's “head rolled back and her eyes were in the back of her head,” Travis said. “She wasn't breathing. No movement. No nothing.”

Shortly after, the paramedics arrived and took Diamond to Mt. Sinai Hospital and later to Children's Memorial Hospital.

Travis said that Diamond had experienced sedation before when she had an operation on her broken arm in April. There were no complications that time.

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