Lawsuit Filed for Fall in CT

Lawsuit Filed for Fall in CT

A developer living in Connecticut recently filed a lawsuit for a slip and fall incident that occurred outside a political fundraiser.

He was supposedly injured from the fall, which occurred on city property four years ago.

Man Falls Outside of Fundraiser

Sal DiNardo was attending a political fundraiser near his home in Fairfield when he reportedly stepped into the parking lot and his right foot slipped from beneath him.

He says he put out his arm to try and break the fall, but it didn’t help and he ended up tumbling to the ground.

Injuries Result from Fall

DiNardo says he suffered from extreme pain in his right arm from the fall and an ambulance was immediately called.

According to reports, DiNardo spent three days at St. Vincent’s hospital and was treated for a broken arm.

Two of his front teeth were also replaced after they were cracked in the fall.

“I can’t throw anymore, and I can’t scratch my back in many places,” explains DiNardo.

(Source: Connecticut Post)

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