Construction Accident Prompts Lawsuit

Construction Accident Prompts Lawsuit

A worker who fell off a scaffold in a construction accident has filed a lawsuit against the general contractor he worked for to hold it liable for the disabling physical injuries he sustained.

The brick mason, Robert E. England, suffered brain and spinal cord injuries when he fell 12 feet from a scaffold that had no safety railing installed on it on Nov. 27, 2000.

The lawsuit was filed on England’s behalf by his parents Deloris and Bob England. The suit seeks $15 million in compensation and likely includes damages for the injury, missed work, past and future medical expenses, pain, suffering, and my include punitive damages.

The Accident and Injuries

England, 24 at the time, was working for Ed Muller Masonry, subcontracted by Fairfield Contractors Inc. He was building a block wall while standing atop the scaffold.
When England hit the floor, his head struck the concrete with great force. He suffered severe injuries including a skull fracture, brain swelling, and a brain stem injury.

As a result of the fall and the injuries he sustained, he has incurred more than $700,000 in medical expenses and remains unable to work or even live without outside help.

The Jury Deliberates

After six days of trial proceedings, the jury is deliberating whether the general contractor is liable for the injuries England sustained. Under Indiana law, if less than 50 percent of the fault is found to be with the contractor, England will not be able to recover damages.

Injured in a Construction Accident?

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