Man Sues For Crane Accident

Man Sues For Crane Accident

A man, who was working as a construction laborer when he was injured on the job, has filed a crane accident lawsuit against his previous employer.

The man is suing the city of Carmel City and its general contractor for the accident that almost cost him his arm.

Defendants Named in Suit

Robert First Jr., and his wife, Correna First, filed the lawsuit early this month.

Aside from the city, Signature Construction LLC and the Carmel Redevelopment Commission have been name in the suit.

Accident at Work

According to First’s attorney, John P. Daly Jr., First was working on a $200 million parking project for the city when a crane hovering above him dropped its load.

“It looks like the rigging that they used to move the rebar was worn out, and it slipped, fell and it hit him, basically on his shoulder,” explains Daly.

First reported that he had ensured that the bar was secure before using the crane, however the equipment was defective.

“It really almost took his whole arm off…one muscle was holding on,” said a fellow worker.

Consequences and Compensation

First received reattachment surgery that secured his arm with plates and pins after the incident.

The couple is seeking compensation in excess of $1 million for the parties’ negligence.

(Source: Indianapolis Star)

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