Construction Worker Killed at Trump Building

Construction Worker Killed at Trump Building

Earlier this week, a construction worker fell to his death when part of a scaffold collapsed at the Trump Soho building in New York.

One of the men involved in the incident was able to be rescued by firemen after dangling 40 stories above the ground.

Construction Accident End in Tragedy

Reports state that one of the workers was thrown from the building when the concrete framework he was working on collapsed on the 42nd floor.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I couldn’t believe it,” explained shocked witness, Dave Phillips. “When I saw that happen all I could think was, ‘this is not supposed to happen.’”

Investigators Look Into the Cause of the Collapse

According to reports, the Department of Buildings is now looking into the cause of the collapse.

“We didn’t see the crane falling down, but we heard a whole bunch of noise, then we looked out the window and saw someone falling,” said Tyler Bralsford, another witness of the man’s wrongful death

Trump’s Controversial Building

City officials claim that Donald Trump’s SoHo Hotel Condominiums were already controversial for various reasons.

The property was allegedly not zoned for residential buildings so the condos were packed as a hotel.

This means that no resident is permitted to stay in them for more than 29 out of every 36 days of the year.

“For the last several months, we’ve seen them constructing at lightning speed, seemingly perhaps to try to get done before the legal challenges they face ahead,” says Andrew Berman, from the Village Society for Historic Preservation.

(Source: NY1 News)

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