Contractor Fire Accident

Contractor Fire Accident

Three civil citations have been filed by CA/OSHA officials against a Beverly Hills contractor who they claim is to blame for the deaths of two of his previous employees due to fire accident.

The February fire that killed two men who were working for the contractor remodeling a home near UCLA is now under investigation due to unsafe work conditions.

Deadly Fire

When the fire broke out, Juan Rivera and Conrado Sanchez-Cruz, were both instantly killed on the scene, according to fire department reports.

The men were supposedly initially exposed to fumes while applying primer to the treated wood.

The fire is said to have erupted after these vapors ignited most likely from a lamp or broken bulb.

Suit Filed

Alan Silverstein Inc. is being accused of failing to vent the flammable vapors from the crawl space for his workers.

The company, which specializes in remodeling expensive homes, is also being accused of neglecting to test the air in this small area of the house before allowing the men to work under such conditions.

Investigators believe the fire could have been prevented if the contractor had used proper fans and vents.

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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