Consumers Warned About Bassinets

Consumers Warned About Bassinets

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a warning to the public regarding a particular brand of bassinets.

The CPSC has issued a statement telling parents and caregivers to stop using these convertible bassinets due to the severe risks they pose.

The warning comes in the aftermath of two infant deaths linked to the product.

Simplicity Bassinets Pose Fatal Risks

The convertible bassinets made by Simplicity Inc., have been the subject of controversy in the past but the company refused to recall their product.

Last week, a five-month-old girl from Shawnee, Kansas was reportedly strangled when she became trapped in the metal bars of the bassinet.

In another case, a four-month-old girl from Montana was strangled and died due to the same problem.

CPSC Takes Action

The CPSC claims that Simplicity “has refused to cooperate with the government and recall the products.”

An unknown amount of Simplicity bassinets still remain on the market and a spokesman for the CPSC is urging consumer to not buy or continue using the product.

The bassinets pose great risk to children because of their strangulation hazard due to the spacing of the metal bars.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)

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