County Administrator Sues for Defamation

County Administrator Sues for Defamation

A lawsuit has been filed against Ravalli County Commissioner Howard Lyons and the Bitterroot Valley Board of Realtors for claims of defamation, intimidation and threatening.

Floodplain Administrator for the Ravalli County Planning Office, Laura Hendrix, has filed the suit.

Threats Behind Closed Doors

During a closed-door meeting proposed by the defendant, Howard Lyons, Hendrix claims Lyons told her to “watch her back” in regards to information he received from a contact with a constituent.

Hendrix alleges that Lyons was hostile towards her during this meeting where he accused her of interfering with a real estate project.

She also claims he violated the Montana Anti-Intimidation Act by inflicting emotional distress upon her and violating her rights.

Hendrix was also the recipient of a letter informing her that she was “going down” and associates her work with the Floodplain Administrator with the vandalism she has recently been the victim of.

Land Causes Conflict

The lawsuit is reflective of the feuds that are occurring throughout Ravalli County, Montana and the Rocky Mountain West regarding whether the land should be built upon or not.

“The primary purpose of this is to bring the issue to light and for Hendrix’s personal safety and to clear her name,” states Hendrix’s attorney Stacey Weldele-Wade.


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