Couple Sues for Wrongful Eviction

Couple Sues for Wrongful Eviction

A couple in Bryan, Texas recently filed a wrongful eviction suit against Bryan County’s justice of peace, Ramiro Quintero.

The couple is accusing Qunitero of cheating them out of their home and asking the woman to engage in prostitution to regain possession of the property.

Wrongful Eviction

Abel and Maria Maldonado filed the suit against Quintero and his wife for wrongful eviction, wrongful foreclosure, racketeering and deceptive trade practices.

“As a result of the defendant’s unlawful acts, the Maldonados lost their home and were forced to rent property elsewhere,” explained attorney Ty Clevenger.

Couple Misled

In 1989 the Maldonados bought the home from Quintero and made payments to him until the mid 1990’s, then they took out a mortgage and began paying the bank directly.

However, Quintero was still listed as liable for the loan and when the Maldonados unknowingly missed a payment, Quintero paid it for them without telling them.

Although Quintero never asked for reimbursement, as required by law, he reportedly began plotting to scheme them out of their home.

Suit Accusations

Maria Maldonado claims that when she personally pleaded with Quintero to not foreclose on their home, he told her she should engage in prostitution in order to raise money to gain back their home.

When an auction was held for their home, Quintero repurchased the property for a fraction of what he had sold it for years earlier.

Not the First Time

The judge has been involved in many controversial situations over the years while serving in Bryan.

In 1999 he was suspended for supposedly “hindering the apprehension of a fugitive” and has also be accused of reducing bails set by other judges.

(Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle)

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