Crane Collapses in NYC

Crane Collapses in NYC

Early this morning rescuers continued their search for three people who are still missing after a construction crane collapsed on a building in Manhattan.

The incident reportedly killed at least four people, injured dozens and damaged six buildings.

Victims Missing

A crane that rose 19 stories and was attached to an apartment tower that was under construction broke and collapsed onto an apartment building on Sunday.

Two workers and a woman are reportedly still missing and are believed to be trapped under the debris.

“There’s no sign of life so far,” explains Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “But that doesn’t mean rescuers won’t find any as they go in and get closer.”

Crews Look for Answers

Crews are currently searching for the missing victims and have reportedly removed a 25-foot section of the crane so far, along with piles of debris.

Kerry Walker a resident of the apartment building who left his home just before the incident occurred says that he complained about the crane looking unstable to his family.

“He knows all about cranes and said this one had no braces, everything was too minimal,” says John Viscardi. “He told one friend on the phone that ‘if you don’t hear from me, it’s because the crane fell on my house.”

(Source: Associated Press)

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