New Crash Data Rule Inadequate

New Crash Data Rule Inadequate

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a new rule last week that will keep the public ignorant of vital information concerning unsafe vehicles and the causes of crashes and injuries.

The new rule requires some vehicles to be equipped with a device called an event data recorder (EDR), which records certain crash data in the moments immediately prior to and after an accident.

EDRs provide real-world accident statistics that can be used to determine the causes of crashes as well as sources of injuries. The devices also provide crucial information about vehicle defects and emergency responses.

However, the NHTSA has not established set procedures for ensuring that the government has access to the data recorded by EDRs for safety analysis. Furthermore, the rule does not require automakers to install the device in all vehicles.

Only 64 percent of vehicles are currently equipped with the device. To be comprehensive, EDRs need to be put in 100 percent of vehicles.

Additionally, the NHTSA requires just the owner’s manual and not the vehicle window sticker to inform consumers whether or not a vehicle is equipped with an EDR.

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