Cribs Recalled

Cribs Recalled

Safety officials recalled 24,000 cribs last week and issued a warning to parents against putting their babies to bed with soft pillows and other bedding that could potentially suffocate them.

The cribs, which are manufactured in Indonesia and imported by Munire Furniture Inc., have reportedly been recalled due to the fact that children are at risk for falling out of them.

Problems Found with Cribs

The cribs supposedly have improper brackets that prevent the mattresses from being completely lowered.

Due to the defect, children inside the crib are at risk of crawling over the railing and falling out.

Cribs Included in Recall

According to reports, the cribs recalled include the:

• Majestic Curved Top
• Majestic Flat Top
• Essex
• Brighton/Sussex
• Captiva

Other Safety Concerns

The Consumer Safety Product Commission is supposedly also concerned about what parents are placing inside their children’s cribs.

From 2002 to 2004, 241 children under the age of five have reportedly been involved in harmful incident involving nursing products and 40 percent of the deaths that occurred with infants involved cribs.

(Source: Associated Press)

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