Woman Dies After Pedicure: Family Sues

Woman Dies After Pedicure: Family Sues

The family of a Texas woman who contracted a deadly infection after a pedicure has filed a lawsuit against the salon and its owner seeking unspecified damages.

Kimberly Kay Jackson, a 46-year-old mother of three, developed an oozing wound that would not heal when her foot was cut with a pumice stone during her weekly pedicure last July.

Despite continual antibiotic treatment over the course of several months, Jackson caught a staph infection that triggered a fatal heart attack. She died in February.

“This stupid pedicure killed her. She was afraid she was going to lose her foot. Who would’ve thought this would take her life,” said David Lee Jackson, her ex-husband.

Jackson’s three children filed a claim against Angel Nails and its owner, Dinh Cong Tran, last week, alleging that the salon failed to meet state regulations for disinfecting the whirlpool and instruments.

The salon is currently under investigation by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

There are approximately 26,400 salons in Texas licensed to perform nail-care services. Over an eight-month period, nearly 900 complaints were filed against such salons or owners. More than 700 of those are being investigated. So far, 81 salons have been penalized with fines and ordered to improve sanitation practices.

Two years ago, the Texas Cosmetology Commission, now dissolved, issued new statewide guidelines for whirlpool foot spas.

Former president of the commission Jennifer Davis warned that customers should be cautious when choosing a salon to make sure proper sterilization methods are being followed.

“If it’s not clean and shiny like at the dentist’s office, don’t stay. Play it safe,” said Davis. “I think people don’t realize how easily diseases spread.”

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