Deadly Train Accident Results in $3.6 Million

Deadly Train Accident Results in $3.6 Million

The family of a man killed last year by a train will receive a $3.6 million settlement from Amtrak and CSX.

Osly Yobany Mendez, a 37-year-old Hollywood man, died instantly on March 2, 2005, after his maintenance truck was hit by an Amtrak train traveling at about 70 mph.

Motion sensors in the tracks are supposed to trigger bells, gates, and lights to warn motorists 20 seconds before the train reaches the crossing. Moments before the accident, a CSX engine passed the area, temporarily deactivating the signals for that would have warned Mendez of the approaching Amtrak train.

His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the both Amtrak and CSX for failing to maintain the crossing gates and lights. Mendez left behind a wife, two children, and his mother.

“The family will never, ever be satisfied, due to their huge loss of a wonderful husband and father,” said Jay Cohen, the family’s attorney.

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