WA Mans Dies in House Fire

WA Mans Dies in House Fire

A man living in Silver Springs, Washington was recently killed when the mattress in his apartment caught fire.

Authorities are still unsure what caused the fire, but believe he may have been smoking in bed before the mattress went up in flames.

Man Becomes Victim of Fire Accident

The man, whose name has not been released, was 31-years-old and was living on the second-floor of an apartment complex on Georgia Avenue.

He had reportedly just begun working at Lotus Café, a restaurant nearby and many of his co-workers were living in the same apartment building.

Residents Discover Fire

According to reports, residents in the apartments around the man smelled smoke at two in the morning and realized it was coming from his bedroom.

They dragged a ladder to his window and grabbed fire extinguishers but were not able to get too close to the room because of the intensity of the smoke and heat.

After fire and rescue crews arrived at the scene, the man was immediately taken to Washington Hospital Center where he became a victim of his injuries.

The fire was contained before it was able to harm other residents throughout the building.

(Source: Washington Post)

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