Parents Sue Over Sonís Death at Baseball Practice

Parents Sue Over Sonís Death at Baseball Practice

The parents of a 17-year-old athlete who died during baseball practice are suing the Florida High School Athletic Association and the Hillsborough County School Board for negligence.

Matthew Miulli, a high school junior, died in January 2005 after collapsing during a running exercise. The medical examiner reported that Miulli had an existing heart condition.

The lawsuit alleges that the FHSAA should not have allowed Miulli to participate without a medical evaluation and clearance. By doing so, the association violated its own bylaws.

The petition also charges the county school board with negligence for failure to ensure the safety of its students. According to the claim, there was neither an athletic trainer nor defibrillator on hand at the practice.

Miulli’s parents are seeking unspecified damages as compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, and funeral costs.

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