$5.1 Million Awarded to Family of Emory Student

$5.1 Million Awarded to Family of Emory Student

The family of a man who died after falling from a trash truck during his community service was recently awarded $5.1 million in damages by a DeKalb County jury.

Vince Currid was a senior at Emory University at the time of his death in October 1999. He had been ordered to perform community service as part of his probation for a drunk driving infraction.

According to a lawsuit filed by his father and brother, Currid was assigned to ride on the back of a trash truck but received no safety training or equipment. The lawsuit also alleged that the truck’s speed exceeded the safe speed limit for standing riders of 10 mph.

The family claims that Currid lost his grip because of the excessive speed and fell off the back of the truck. He died about a month later from head injuries sustained during the accident.

Jurors awarded the family damages to cover medical expenses, loss of life, and pain and suffering.

“We feel very good about the verdict because we think we’ve finally gotten justice for my son,” said Howard Currid, the victim’s father.

DeKalb County officials said that probationers are no longer allowed on the back of trash trucks.

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