Defective Armor may have been Responsible for Soldiers’ Deaths

Defective Armor may have been Responsible for Soldiers’ Deaths

The company that makes protective body armor for US soldiers is under fire from groups such as Soldiers for Truth and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton who all have said that the latest internal US Marines memo detailing preventable deaths is troublesome.  The memo was a secret study which suggested that as many as 74 of 93 US Marines killed in combat since 1993 could have survived with the proper body armor.

The company, Point Blank Body Armor, the Florida unit of DHB Industries Inc. of Westbury, New York, provided the armor in a multi-million dollar sale to the US Pentagon.  DHB was forced to recall over 10,000 vests in 2005 after several tests revealed serious defects in the armor’s ability to protect soldiers.

The vests, mainly the “Interceptor” version of body armor suits were often replaced by vests bought by soldiers online or from stores in the US before the soldiers shipped out.  Other soldiers bought additional plating or other materials with their own money in order to bolster the vests’ effectiveness.

The Marines study only reported deaths in that branch of the Armed Services and officials are expressing concern about the number of preventable deaths that occurred in other branches, particularly the US Army from these defective products.

Clinton even went so far as to say that the deaths were unnecessary and she named the Pentagon for not reimbursing the dead soldiers’ families for additional plating that they bought to bolster the vests’ protective ability.

The Pentagon is planning a briefing tomorrow to address the memo and possibly take further action.



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