Defective Tires Recalled

Defective Tires Recalled

Earlier this week, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced that 450,000 defective tires produced by a Chinese manufacturer are being recalled.

Lawsuit Prompts Product Recall

The recall of the unsafe products was prompted by a lawsuit that was recently filed against the distributors, Foreign Tire Sales, due to an accident that occurred in Pennsylvania.

A suit was also filed against tire manufacturers, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co.

Tire Details

The Foreign Tire Service claims that the tires met the federal standards; however, upon further inspection officials found that they were made without a strip of gum or the necessary adhesive safety feature that prevents the tread from separating from the rest of the tire.

Because of this missing safety feature, Blumenthal reported that the tires could possibly disintegrate on the road and that consumers who have bought the tires should return them immediately for a refund.

“We are preparing to take immediate measures to stop the sales of these defective, dangerous tires and compensate consumers for damage,” explains Blumenthal.

Product Distribution

According to officials at Foreign Tire Sales, defective tires have been sold to consumers in Maryland, Florida, Minnesota, California, Mississippi and Connecticut.

Blumenthal claims that they are still unsure of the exact number that have been sold in Connecticut but that it has been verified that a good portion of the tires have been distributed there.

Dealers who continue to sell the defective tires will reportedly face state fines and penalties.

(Source: New Haven Registration)

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