Manufacturer of Defective Pacemaker Sued

Manufacturer of Defective Pacemaker Sued

A woman filed a personal injury lawsuit against the distributors and makers of a pacemaker, which she claims caused her injury because it was defective.

Barbara Rios of Illinois is suing Cardiac Pacemakers of Minnesota, Guidant Corp. of Indiana, and Boston Scientific Corp. of Delaware for economic damages suffered as a result of her injuries.

Guidant recalled some of its pacemaker models between February 2002 and July 2005 when the devices began malfunctioning. They were short-circuiting and their sealant was deteriorating.

The device was designed to correct abnormal heart rhythms by sending electronic signals when the heart beats too fast or too slow.

Rios was implanted with a Guidant Model T125 pacemaker in September of 2004, but was not aware of the recall or the defect until May of 2005.

According to the lawsuit, the “defendants actively concealed the defect and its wrongful conduct in order to prevent, and succeeded in preventing, adverse publicity and Plaintiff from discovering the defect.”

Rios claims that the product she was using was unreasonably dangerous and defective in design. She also claimed that it did not conform to federal requirements and subjected its users to risks of heart attacks, death, and other conditions, the dangers of which far outweigh the device’s benefits when there are safer treatment products available.

Rios seeks damages for emotional distress, loss of capacity to enjoy life, lost past and future income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

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