Couple Sues Pharmacy for Prescription Error

Couple Sues Pharmacy for Prescription Error

A man living in Wilmington, DE, and his wife recently filed a suit against a pharmacy claiming that they made a prescription error.

The couple states in their suit that the pharmacy prescribed 10 times the dosage he was required to receive, and as a result he was hospitalized.

Man Given High Dosage of Prograf

According to the suit, Freddy Dividu’s wife, Mary Austin, went to Happy Henry’s to pick up his prescription for Prograf.

Dividu was told to begin taking the medication following an organ transplant.

Prograf is reportedly prescribed to prevent the patient’s body from rejecting transplants; however, Austin was given a higher dosage than is needed at Happy Henry’s.

Patient Hospitalized

Soon after Dividu began taking the medication, he was admitted to St. Francis Hospital suffering from sudden weight loss, deceased appetite, dehydration, and leg weakening.

Dividu supposedly accused his wife of “poisoning him” after suffering from “significant pain and emotional distress” and unaware that the pharmacy had prescribed him too much Prograf.

Soon after doctors realized the cause of Dividu’s health complications, the couple filed a suit against Happy Henry’s for their negligence.

Increase in Prescription Errors

Research shows that prescription errors are becoming a large problem throughout the U.S.
This is evident with the cases involving the blood thinning drug, Heparin that has been sweeping across the country.

(Source: Delaware Online)

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