Oregon Woman Files Physical Abuse Suit

Oregon Woman Files Physical Abuse Suit

A Portland woman recently filed a multimillion dollar sexual abuse suit against her anesthesiologist.

The suit claims the woman’s dentist, who was also her employer, knew of the anesthesiologist’s history of molestation.

Anesthesiologist Found Guilty

Katherine Jane Edson, 28, filed the suit against David Burleson, 50, that got him a five years prison sentence.

Edson is also requesting that a law be passed requiring medical professionals to report such instances.

Suit Claims

Edson was reportedly abused when she was sedated for a dental surgery in 2006 and wasn’t aware of the molestation until 2007 when her dentist, Dr. Jay Malmquist, informed her.

According to the lawsuit, Burleson “groped an intimate part” of Edson’s body while he was helping her in the recovery bed.

Two previous cases of similar abuse were also reported to the Oregon Anesthesiology Group and Malmquist.

(Source: KPIC)

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